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Popular Lacrosse League - A sport to Watch

Lacrosse has a small but dedicated following throughout North America especially the United States and Canada where the sport is played at all levels from College through to International.

History of Lacrosse League

Lacrosse developed from a game played by the Iroquois tribe of the Northeastern United States, possibly almost as long ago as a thousand years. The original game was undertaken by large numbers of the tribe as a symbolic warfare, sustained over hours or even days in their roles as spiritual warriors. As a modern sport it has continued as a physical sport requiring tenacity and strength.

True to its origins the popular lacrosse league is still strongest in the northeastern states however the sport gradually growing and proving more popular expanding throughout the whole country. Over the last 150 so years the game has acquired rules and trappings of modern sport. Lacrosse was even included as a medal sport in the Olympics in earlier parts of the last century so Lacrosse is definitely a sport with history.

Lacrosse League Today

Players of all can now participate in Lacrosse at all levels from organized amateur level through college leagues to semi professional and professional major league. US Lacrosse formed at the end of the 1990’s in 2001 the Major Lacrosse League was initially started with 3 teams; now there are 9 teams across the United States although predominantly still from the originating eastern states.

US Lacrosse was set up as a national body to provide national leadership, oversee structure and to ensure resources are channeled into the growing popular Lacrosse league. US Lacrosse has more than 450,000 members nationwide, with 68 chapters covering in 45 states, supported by over 300 volunteers who serve on national boards and committees.

The lacrosse league attempts to be all encompassing with comprehensive education programs as well as providing information and relevant tools to coaches, players, supporters across the whole lacrosse league community. It is a sport supported form the ground roots up by enthusiastic players and supporters alike with audience participation enthusiastic and encouraging.

There are three variations to the game depending on the playing field and rules - namely field lacrosse, box lacrosse and woman’s lacrosse. Men’s professional Major League Lacrosse also has rule variants from other programs with resulting in higher scores. This variant lends itself to exciting betting options that can be placed through various gambling outlets where the unpredictability of the game adds more dimensions to the outcomes. With professional and college leagues to follow there are plenty of opportunities for excitement.

Game Variants

• Field Lacrosse has 10 players per team with positions as attack, midfield, defense and goalie. Each carries a lacrosse stick of varying length depending on their position on the team.

• Box lacrosse is played in an arena as with ice hockey with 6 players per side.

• Women’s lacrosse league has less physical contact than either of the above and is subsequently played with less protective gear.

Lacrosse is still played predominantly in North America where it is very popular in Canada, however it also has a growing following in Australia as well Asia and Europe so let’s see where popular lacrosse league will develop in the future.