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Lacrosse is an international level team sport which is played by a two teams of ten. The objective is to goal the ball in the opponent team’s goal over passing the goalie. The defendants are supposed to stop the goal from their side and are supposed to hit at the opposite team’s goal. Naturally, the game has many ground similarities with other sports such as hockey or football. But what sets this one apart is its unique lacrosse stick which not only helps in moving the ball but also has this tendency to hold the ball for a while which increases the challenge significantly.

The game is extremely popular in England, Canada, Australia, and the United States of America. But apart from all these, it is also being played in other European and Asian countries. The game is not a part of Olympics, but rather has its own World Championships which are very popular and quite a highlight.

The World Lacrosse Championship was first organized in 1967, and since then, America has been the top most team with 9 wins, followed by Canada with 3 wins.


Before going to international players, we must take a look at young lacrosse faces. Lacrosse is an immensely popular sport in colleges. The college championships across England and America are big deals. But if you talk to any college lacrosse player, things may not seem that shiny and perfect.

First of all, lacrosse is still due to its success. Since the sport is not very popular, the champions and other teams still struggle to be appreciated or even to be recognized. Many people have no idea what the sport is, and often confuses it with hockey.

Apart from that, juggling the academic part, lacrosse practice and personal life is a problem of every lacrosse player. Many people (including teachers and parents) don’t understand the extremity of the sport and how exhausting it can be.

A professional lacrosse player has to go through hours of training and practice. And also, since it is a team game, dealing with other team players is an art they have to learn as well.


Following is a list of some of the top lacrosse players from around the globe who have not only mastered the sport but are extremely popular and loved all over. Every single player among them is an inspiration to all lacrosse and sports lovers in the world.

1. ROB PANNELL – Rob Pannell is an American player who plays for New York Lizards. He has received the ESPY Award for best male athlete and is often referred to as the best lacrosse player in the world. Starting early in college at Cornell University, Pannell holds the record of Ivy-League all-time scores.

2. LYLE THOMPSON – Again an American player, Thompson plays for Florida Launch and has won Tewaaraton Trophy and Turnbull Award for his excellent gaming techniques. He is an attackman and holds the record for most career points in Division I.

3. SCOTT BACIGALUPO – Bacigalupo is a goaltender and has been playing lacrosse since high school. He is a four-time All-Ivy-League champion and has also won NCAA Men’s Lacrosse championship.

4. TAYLOR CUMMINGS – Cummings is a mid – fielder who has won Tewaaraton Trophy three times. She is considered to be the best female lacrosse player in the world.

5. MARK MATTHEWS – Matthews is a Canadian player who has played for Rochester Rattlers and Saskatchewan Rush. In 2011, he won Minto Cup Championship and was awarded Champion’s Cup MVP in 2015.