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Lacrosse is a team sport where the objective is to shoot a goal into the opponent team’s net using a rubber ball and a lacrosse stick. Seemingly, the game is very similar to soccer or hockey, the only difference being the type of the ball (which is tiny rubber ball), and the stick (which is not only used to pass or move the ball but also to catch and hold the ball). Both the teams consist of ten players, including a goalie. Exactly like soccer and hockey, the sport can either be played on open grass fields or indoor lacrosse courts. The game is believed to be originated in USA and Canada but is extremely popular in Australia and England as well.

Lacrosse has not been part of the Olympics since 1908, thus, world championships are organized where countries such as America, Canada, Australia, Scotland, England, Wales take part in. The championships are for both, men and women.


Lacrosse in Australia is governed by the Australian Lacrosse Association (ALA) who not only provides all sort of funds required for the game but also organizes interstate or national level tournaments for the game’s proportion. The management of international Australian lacrosse team is also taken care by Australian Lacrosse Association.

Even though lacrosse in Australia is not a major sport, unlike cricket or football etc, but it is still played with immense pride and enthusiasm. The prime centers for the game are located in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. The game has been given outdoor fields for summers, as well as indoor courts for winters.

The first lacrosse club in Australia was established in 1876 by a Canadian by the name of Lambton L. Mount. His lacrosse club promoted this simple to such an extent that it soon gain a nation-wide popularity and annual matches began taking place. In those old times, it was an interesting event for the entertainment and all the betting that people would do. Like any other sport, people would gamble on different teams, and the tradition has somehow still does not seem to have ended.

Today, many rich industrialists or fond gamblers love to bet their money during lacrosse matches. It gives them a super entertainment, a chance to enjoy such a wonderful game, as well as a business opportunity to make some quick cash.


Talking on international levels, Australia has 3 international lacrosse teams which are –

- Australia Men’s National Lacrosse Team

- Australia Women’s National Lacrosse Team

- Australia National Indoor Lacrosse Team

Even though Australia has never brought the world championships trophy home, the teams have quite a significance on the international level. The men’s national team has been a runner-up in 2014 and is included in top 3 teams in lacrosse.

The main centers of lacrosse in Australia host multi-division club competitions and State League competitions on international levels. These competitions are organized in different age-wise categories and are separate for men and women.

Along with that, interstate competitions are a part of the long legacy of lacrosse in Australia. The competitions last over a few weeks, like a lacrosse festival, all over the country at different fields. Locally called “nationals”, these events are the year’s lacrosse highlight and are great platforms for new players.